We are the Tournament Organization you have been looking for.  WHY Excel?  Excel Tournaments takes competitive basketball to a whole new level.  Not only do we provide a safe and competitive environment for your team and players, we also showcase your student-athletes and teams.  That is right, unlike a lot of tournaments we are here for your kids, parents, and coaches.  Our  tournaments along with our website is designed to showcase and promote your team and student-athlete via footage, articles, and other features.  We celebrate not only success but the development of your team.   Excel Tournaments has been developed with the mindset of coaches  and players because like you our staff loves the art of the basketball tournament. Here is how we are different:
  • - Our Divisions Actually Make- not only do they make but our events host anywhere from 50 to 150+ teams depending on season
  • - Fairness and Integrity- Our participating teams will play according to their school grade. NO SURPRISES. We value the fairness of an equal playing ground.
  • - 14 Minute Stop Clock Halves- We originated and continue to improve this format that provides the time for teams and players to develop. NO RUNNING CLOCKS.
  • - UIL and NCAA Certified Referee Staff- Our officiating staff contribute to the development of your student-athletes while keeping a safe playing environment.
  • - Trophies and Medals-The heralded Excel Cuptm. and medals for division champions. Medals for Runner-Ups. Also unique and different trophies for all 2 day events. 
  • - Division Most Valuable Players- We celebrate excellence by rewarding not only team achievements but individual accomplishments.
  • - Excel Series - Teams and players will compete year round for a multitude of statistics.  These achievements will be awarded December 20th via the Excel All Star Saturday.
  • - A Extensive Archive of Video and Pictures - Watch highlights and see Champions and MVPs of past Excel Events. Your Players and Teams get more exposure with Excel
  • - Real Competition -Attending teams from all over Texas and Southern United States
  • - Safe Playing Environment - We protect your team to promote proper development without outside interference and threats.
  • - Different Levels of Skill - Divisions catered to your Teams Current Development level.

WE CARE!!!! We look forward to being your tournament of Choice.